Living life on your own terms and finding yourself

It is really important to find yourself in your life and live a life that is true to you. Below is a short list of reasons why you should start living your life on your own terms and start being you for you. 1.    You see more of the things you like in life … Continue reading Living life on your own terms and finding yourself


Lowdown On Culture Shock

With my love for travelling and my various experiences, people always ask me how I cope with culture shock, venturing to exotic destinations and visiting exciting places with different ways of life. I always find it really hard to answer people but before I go into my personal experiences, below is a few different things … Continue reading Lowdown On Culture Shock

The Importance of Taking Ownership

So many times I hear people talking about taking ownership of our actions but I think for a lot of people, it's hard to describe or begin to put these words into action. In any aspect of your life, the choice to take ownership, whether that be personal, career or work requires both responsibility and … Continue reading The Importance of Taking Ownership