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Welcome to the Health & Wellness section of my website. Here you will find tips and advice on healthy eating, fitness & how to stay focused on staying healthy with all the distractions around you. Please take your time to look through the pages below.


Slenderiiz provides a safe and long term weight management solution with results found to be superior to those of diet and exercise alone.   POWER BOOST Supports weight loss, healthy blood sugar, and lean muscle through L-glutamine—an amino acid found in your muscles. Additionally, Power Boost helps improve protein metabolism, stamina recovery while branched-chain amino … Continue reading Slenderiiz


PURITII has to be one of the most innovative items I’ve found within the direct selling industry. Winning multiple awards and capable of making a serious impact to your health, I seriously ask that you have a look at the following sections. Placed into two simple categories, Air & Water puritii is able to help you … Continue reading PURITII


Well-being is not only rooted in balance but also simplicity. Priime is the easy, natural solution you’ve been looking for to restore harmony in your life. Through expert blending methods and the purest ingredients, the infinite powers of essential oils are now available to you.     CALM RELAXING BLEND Gentle lavender meets soothing oils … Continue reading Priime


Our collective understanding of dietary science is continually evolving and being updated by physicians, scientists, and nutritional experts. Every Nutrifii product is rigorously tested and proven to exceed industry standards for quality and purity. Most households are susceptible to disease and health-related complications stemming from nutritional insufficiencies in the body.           … Continue reading Nutrifii


Reviive Organics™ personal care products cleanse away impurities without introducing new ones through your skin. Our formulas contain naturally cleansing and conditioning extracts straight from Mother Nature, including purifying white tea, nourishing shea butter, and beautiful fragrances from pure essential oils. SHAMPOO HEALTHY HAIR HAS A NEW MEANING A host of organic and natural ingredients, … Continue reading Reviive


With premium products that deliver superior results, Jouvé is a revolutionary skincare brand unlike any other in the industry. Our products combine the best that nature has to offer with advances in science and technology to provide immediate and long-term solutions that address both the causes and the outward signs of aging.   Jouvé is … Continue reading Jouvé