PURITII has to be one of the most innovative items I’ve found within the direct selling industry. Winning multiple awards and capable of making a serious impact to your health, I seriously ask that you have a look at the following sections. Placed into two simple categories, Air & Water puritii is able to help you in ways you’ve never imagined.


PURITII protects you from air and water pollutants that directly impact your health every single day. You can rely on Puritii to remove toxins and pathogens in the air you breathe and the water you drink, keeping your home and family safe.


For pricing & additional product information on our PURITII brand please follow this link. Alternatively, look at the grids below for a quick fact sheet on both our Puritii Air & Water filtration.


YOU MAY NOT SEE IT. BUT IT’S THERE. PURITII AIR FILTRATION SYSTEM YOU AND YOURS DESERVE CLEAN AIR. You spend about 90% of your time indoors, but did you know air pollution can be up to five times worse inside your home?* Indoor air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, pollen, mold, dust mites, excessive carbon dioxide, … Continue reading PURITII AIR


YOUR PERFECT ON-THE-GO URBAN COMPANION With this proprietary, portable water filtration system, enjoy safe, fresh, clean drinking water without the cost, waste and potentially harmful toxins of bottled or tap water. ECO-FRIENDLY, TRITAN™ PLASTIC BOTTLE Eco-friendly plastic bottle. Free of BPAs, BPSs or any other bisphenols, and EA free. Leak proof, dishwasher safe. 25 oz./740 … Continue reading PURITII WATER