Life Before Work Travel

So some point last year, I was sat at home and thinking about my next travel venture, having just got back from Dubai on a business trip and realising how much I actually enjoy travelling, I searched the internet to find some great travelling opportunities.

I stumbled upon this website called Life Before Work Travel and after a short look around, something connected straight away. “ISLAND LIFE”

“IslandLife is a special island event combining music, culture, art, amazing people and the best vibes. This is an experience you don’t want to miss!

IslandLife is the definition of paradise. The energy and atmosphere will be a mix of summer camp and festival. It’s taken us a few years, but we’ve found the perfect island for this experience! We’re bringing together the most incredible group of people to one of the most beautiful places on Earth, radiating nothing but positive vibes and energy.

There will be music going throughout the day, along with activities including, but not limited to, a giant slip and slide, floating trampolines and beach Olympics. Regular clothing is discouraged and costumes are strongly encouraged. This trip is meant to transport you to a dream world where nothing is ordinary!

Waking up steps from the turquoise water and jumping in for a morning swim is a perfect way to start the day. Spend the rest of it meeting new friends from around the world, lounging in hammocks, practicing yoga, participating in fun games and educational workshops, eating incredible homemade meals and dancing to amazing DJ’s hosting multiple theme parties.”

From that moment, I was hooked, I don’t normally leave reviews but I knew this was different. I had to.

” I happened to come across Life Before Work by chance and trust me when I say, I’m glad I did!

I recently took part in their Island Life tour which was just incredible. Everything about it from the location, the people & the music. Even how it was all put together and how well executed it was. Just amazing!

I’ve never experienced such a positive vibe from so many people in one week. What LBW has created is something else. Everyone was so friendly, open and up for having such a great time. If you’ve been looking at travelling but with unique and wonderful people, I definitely recommend Life Before Work.

My experience was one of a kind & one which I will never ever forget. I cannot wait to get involved with more of their tours.

10/10. Thoroughly impressed!”


Enough about my amazing time on a private Island in Panama with some crazy people & great vibes, let me show you the real magic.


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