South America

I don’t know where to start with this. I mean I could talk about Peru for hours and not get bored. It’s defintely on my to do list! Can you honestly blame me? There’s so much adventure and places to experience, I’m getting fidgety just thinking about it. From the great Incan Empire, The Amazon Rainforest and the Macchu Picchu, Peru will leave you wanting to go back more and more. Like the sound of exploring Brazil, whether it’s looking over Rio from Christ The Redeemer, trekking through untamed jungles or seeking out it’s preserved beauty.

I know the South America Tours with Life Before Work will be leaving a mark on your heart for a long time after returning home.

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Beautiful Brazil

Overview 14 Days Brazil is a country blessed with an abundance of picturesque landscapes, from the mystical Amazon jungle to the sun soaked dunes of the south. With year round tropical warmth and a wide diversity of people and cultures, Brazil offers adventures for all types of budgets. Whether you’re after days spent soaking up the … Continue reading Beautiful Brazil

Wonders Of Peru

Overview 20 Days We have done a revamp of our Peru tour for 2017 to offer you an even more epic experience. MORE included activities, MORE included locations, LESS travel times at NO extra cost! This is a tour for those seeking adventure. You won’t want to pause for even a moment with all the wonders Peru has to offer. … Continue reading Wonders Of Peru